Golden Eagle sighted outside Wabasha!

Golden Eagle Project Co-coordinator Scott Mehus got a chance to see one of the Golden Eagle Project eagles this week. It seems a bit late in the season to be seeing golden eagles in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but as a juvenile #46 Hda Wah’pe may not have been in a big hurry to return to northern breeding territories.

We had received several data points indicating that #46 Hda Wah’pe had spent about a week in a valley just outside of Wabasha. (see maps below). On Monday, March 26th, 2012 Mehus went out to take a look and observed a golden eagle perched on the bluff in the distance. The bird never flew, which would have allowed confirmation that it was #46 because the transmitter antenna is most visible in flight. However, the bird was perched in the same area as the data points from the previous week indicated. We have to assume it was #46 Hda. It’s always a pleasure to see these birds thriving out in the wild!

goea46_nov23 2012

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