We have openings for interns who support the mission of the National Eagle Center and share our passion for eagles.

We have a variety of projects for interns throughout the year including offering interpretive programs, developing curriculum materials, or assisting with our Golden Eagle Project.

Summer is a very busy time here, and a summer internship with our Education Department is a great opportunity to develop skills in naturalist interpretation and public speaking. Our Fishing for Eagles program is a great way to gain skills in managing a project and hands-on environmental education.

Internships are unpaid. If you are interested in applying for an internship position, or would like more information about the possibilities, please contact us at [email protected]

Summer intern, Katie, assisted with our Fishing for Eagles program, helping more than 600 kids learn about responsible angling and have a great experience fishing.

Intern, McKenna, developed an interactive exhibit based on the concept of a food web during her internship.