Harriet is our oldest eagle ambassador and arrived at the National Eagle Center in 2000. In 1998, a vehicle collision left her left wing badly dislocated and part of it was subsequently amputated. Although she was fully adult at the time of her injury, we know that Harriet hatched in 1981 because she was banded as an eaglet in her nest in northern Wisconsin.

In 2015, Harriet moved to retirement housing at an off-site facility. This new space is especially designed to meet her current needs, including cataracts, arthritis and issues with her balance. Although Harriet is retired from programming and is no longer on display in the public mew at the National Eagle Center, we will continue offer her the highest quality of care in her retirement.

Harriet’s Story: One Eagle’s Impact

Harriet has a feather tuft atop her head that makes her easy to identify. We can’t be certain, but suspect that this distinctive feather growth is the result of scar tissue and damage to feather follicles.

Shortly after she arrived here in 2000, the National Eagle Center held an essay contest with the local elementary schools. Students were asked to write an essay about a famous American that we could honor by naming this eagle. A first grader wrote an essay about Harriet Tubman, and Harriet the eagle got her name.

As an eagle ambassador with the National Eagle Center, Harriet made appearances across the country. She’s been featured on the Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2007, Harriet was in Washington DC to celebrate the removal of the bald eagle from the endangered species list.

Much of Harriet’s work over the years has been with veterans. She has visited VA hospitals and been a part of numerous veterans honor ceremonies. Harriet is the eagle featured on the Minnesota Support Our Troops license plate.

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