Art by April Schumacher
Through 2020

Human civilizations have drastically altered the course of life on this earth, and there is no part of this delicate web of nature where our influence hasn’t been felt. Despite this, it isn’t always clear how our actions affect the animals and plants around us. Here we touch on some uncomfortable truths, and learn that our fate as a species is tied to the fates of the millions of species who need us, now more than ever, to make the planet a thriving place once more.

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How do artists help eagles?

Artists who participate in the Artists Helping Eagles exhibit promote environmental awareness, conservation, and education through works of art that are inspired by nature, history, and/or culture.

When did this start?

Since 2013, artists have been encouraged to display their work at the National Eagle Center in gallery spaces, exhibits, and exhibitions.

How can you help?

A portion of the proceeds from artwork sold in the Artists Helping Eagles exhibit benefits the National Eagle Center and on-going care of the eagle ambassadors.

Interested in submitting?

We are always looking for talented artists interested in displaying their artwork in the Artists Helping Eagles exhibit. If you are interested, please email curator Anna Christenson at with your contact information, a brief description of your work, and 3-5 artwork examples.