In recent years, eagle nest cameras have become a real phenomenon! These cameras allow us to view the intimate, daily activities of wildlife in a way that was never before possible. We can learn about courtship and nesting behavior and see the growth and development of eaglets. There is a lot to be learned by having an ‘eagle eye’ view inside an active bald eagle nest.

*Follow the links at right to view some area eagle nest cameras that stream on the web.

As we observe and learn about the lives of a particular eagle pair, we are often reminded of the challenges faced by wildlife. Finding adequate food and habitat are a daily struggle. Enduring weather from 95 degrees in summer, to 25 degrees and sleet, wild eagles are highly adapted to life in all seasons.

In our area of the Upper Mississippi River valley, we typically see courtship displays in January and February, and an eagle pair may be incubating eggs by the end of February or early March. While incubating eggs, one of the adults must remain at the nest at all times to ensure the warmth and safety of the eggs.

Note to viewers: These nest cameras offer live video of wild birds in the natural process of raising their young. Life and death struggles occur all the time in the natural world. The National Eagle Center is not involved in the coordination or operation of any bald eagle nest camera. While we provide educational interpretation of the behaviors observed, we do not operate a nest camera. Neither do we condone any interference with a nest or its occupants.

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