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The Watershed Gallery

The Watershed Gallery at the National Eagle Center showcases the beauty and diversity of life in the watershed through the lens of regional creative artists. The veined cottonwood leaf image recalls just one species that is critical to the delicate web of life on which eagles in the region depend. [...]

Eagle Viewing Field Trips

Winter is the best time to view both bald and golden eagles in the Upper Mississippi River Valley. We offer guided field trips throughout the winter so you can get great views of these majestic birds in the wild. Led by one of our expert naturalist educators, you’re sure to [...]

Eagles Everywhere Special Exhibit

“Eagles Everywhere” is a concurrent companion exhibit to “Eagles Over the Water” at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. These first-ever public exhibitions feature select items from the collections of Preston Cook and will connect audiences with eagles in American history and culture. This exhibit features items for visitors of [...]


Celebrate the beauty of the Mississippi River valley in the fall with special activities, exhibits, bird and animal programs at the National Eagle Center!