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The Watershed Gallery

The Watershed Gallery at the National Eagle Center showcases the beauty and diversity of life in the watershed through the lens of regional creative artists. The veined cottonwood leaf image recalls just one species that is critical to the delicate web of life on which eagles in the region depend. [...]

Earth Day – Monday, April 22nd

Join the National Eagle Center as we celebrate our home - Earth! Learn how you can help protect the environment and the ways you can promote healthy bald eagle habitat in your own backyard! E.A.G.L.E. and Classroom Programs Visit the eagle ambassadors up-close in the mew during our daily E.A.G.L.E [...]

Soar with the Eagles

Every year, hundreds of bald eagles migrate up the Mississippi River, feeding on fish as the ice receeds. We celebrate this spring bald eagle migration with our SOAR with the Eagles festival. Each weekend in March enjoy flying bird shows, live animals, our own live eagle programs, and much more!    [...]