Golden Eagle Season Has Concluded.
See You In 2019/2020!

Golden eagle season is over for 2018/2019. Thank you to everyone who joined us for exciting golden eagle field trips this season! It is our genuine pleasure to share these majestic eagles with you and educate you about their behavior, habitat, and life-cycle. We’ll announce our field trip dates for the 2019/2020 season later this fall. Please check back then for more information.

What are golden eagle field trips?

The Upper Mississippi River Valley is home to hundreds of bald eagles. In the summer months, bald eagles nest along the river valley and feed their young from the plentiful fish of the Mississippi River. In the winter months, not only do hundreds more bald eagles migrate to this area to find open water on the Mississippi River near Wabasha, MN, but golden eagles also migrate from the arctic tundra of northern Canada to the bluff country of Southeastern Minnesota and Southwestern Wisconsin!

Golden eagles are beautiful and majestic raptors, but they are also much more secretive and elusive than bald eagles. Thanks to the ongoing work of the Golden Eagle Project, we are learning more and more about the population that overwinters in this region and their behavior. These guided golden eagle field trips are a truly great way to learn how to identify golden eagles and distinguish them from juvenile bald eagles, and receive pointers on how better spot them and where to look for them.

Field trips begin at 1pm with a brief classroom program, followed by a tour via coach bus to prime golden eagle viewing locations. Participants should dress for the weather and bring binoculars, spotting scopes and cameras if desired. Little walking is required – simply step off the bus for a great view! Field trips return to the National Eagle Center for light refreshments and a chance to share photos and stories from the day and conclude by 5pm.

Please note that children are welcome to attend field trips, but that the experiences are geared toward an adult audience. Trips generally last around 4 1/2 hours and involve a lot of sitting and listening. We ask that parents use discretion when determining whether or not a field trip is age-appropriate for their children and generally do not advise field trips for children younger than 10 years of age. There is no discount when reserving seats for children.

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If you have any problems or questions with the registration process, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling 651-565-4989 x108.

The National Eagle Center (NEC) reserves the right to cancel a field trip due to weather conditions or lack of registration. In case of cancellation by the NEC, a full refund will be offered to registrants. Any changes or cancellations will be communicated via email. If a registrant is unable to attend, they must cancel at least 3 days prior to the trip to qualify for a refund.