#42, Whitey, an adult male golden eagle was found injured in Buffalo County, WI after getting a foot caught in a leg-hold trap. After being treated for his injuries, #42, was released on March 25, 2009 with a GPS-linked satellite transmitter that recorded location data until 2011.

Golden Eagle Migration interactive map
This interactive map includes migration data from fall 2012 through spring 2013 for three golden eagles who are being tracked with satellite transmitters by the Golden Eagle Project. Each bird’s fall and spring migration are detailed with the colored paths on the map.The spring migration routes are darker, the fall migration routes are lighter. #45 Jeanette – Red #53 Jack – Purple

To use this map:
• Click and drag anywhere on the map to move it and pan the scene
• Click on the + or – signs to zoom in and out, or scroll with the roller on your mouse.
• Click on one of the migration paths to activate the “pop-up” feature for more information about each bird.
• You can open a larger version of this map in a separate window by clicking the “View Larger Map” hyperlink below the map.