#45, Jeanette, was released with GPS satellite-linked transmitter on  February 16th, 2012 in central WI. The Project received the last transmission of her location in November, 2015. Shortly after, the Project learned that #45 Jeanette was found dead, caught in a leg-hold trap, in Ontario, Canada. She was on her fall migration back to wintering grounds in central Wisconsin. The interactive map below shows her migrations from 2012 and 2013.


February 2013
#45, Jeanette, has been using the west-central part of Waupaca County in Wisconsin, the same area where she was captured and released last winter.  Last winter she started moving north Feb 16 in 2012, immediately after her release. It will be interesting to see what she does this year.

January 2013
#45 “Jeanette” is back where she was trapped last February! We received some photos of the bird which show the transmitter (see gallery above). We also had a radio location about 1 mile from the release site on January 2, a few days after the initial sighting.


December 2012
December 5: #45 is the only one of the golden eagles we are tracking that is still in Canada. She remains north of Lake Superior, in southern Ontario.

December 21: Eagle 45 (Jeanette) is still having GPS problems so we are only getting a satellite estimated location about every 3 days. Around December 12 she decided to leave Canada and moved into northeastern Minnesota where she was on the 15th. By Dec 17 she  was in Douglas County, WI south of Lake Superior. Her most recent signal had her in Price County on Dec 20. This puts her about 100 miles north of Waupaca County where she was trapped and released last February.

November 2012
#45, Jeanette, has taken a little different course than we saw on her northward migration in the spring. She is heading east, passing north of Lake Superior. It will be interesting to see if she comes south into Wisconsin, near where she was released, or continues heading east to golden eagle habitat in the eastern U.S.

October 2012
#45 (Jeanette) has begun moving south. Due to some issues with the radio transmitter, the location data is only being collected a few times a week, as opposed to the hourly readings we normally receive. But, the location data should be accurate to about 150 meters. She is currently about 400 miles north of Hawk Ridge Observatory in Duluth, MN.

June 2012

#45 has settled down in Nunavut near the border with the Northwest Territories. Since April 6 her end of the day signals have come from a very confined area, although until about a week ago she had some movements around the area. From April 18-June 18, she spent every evening and almost all day in one location – see map. We interpret this to mean that she is nesting and being a female we would expect her to be pretty immobile sitting on a nest while incubating eggs.

Golden Eagle Migration interactive map
This interactive map includes migration data from fall 2012 through spring 2013 for three golden eagles who are being tracked with satellite transmitters by the Golden Eagle Project. Each bird’s fall and spring migration are detailed with the colored paths on the map.The spring migration routes are darker, the fall migration routes are lighter. #45 Jeanette – Red #53 Jack – Purple

To use this map:
• Click and drag anywhere on the map to move it and pan the scene
• Click on the + or – signs to zoom in and out, or scroll with the roller on your mouse.
• Click on one of the migration paths to activate the “pop-up” feature for more information about each bird.
• You can open a larger version of this map in a separate window by clicking the “View Larger Map” hyperlink below the map.