The 2021 Golden Eagle Survey is complete and you can see the results below!

The annual Wintering Golden Eagle Survey is conducted on the third Saturday in January. The survey is part of an on-going project to learn more about the golden eagle population in the blufflands region. Golden eagles were not previously considered regular inhabitants of this area. The Wintering Golden Eagle Survey gathers important data to document a regular wintering population of golden eagles in the blufflands of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Interested in Volunteering for the 2022 Survey?

If you are interested in volunteering for the 2022 Wintering Golden Eagle Survey on Saturday, January 15th, please email

If you are participating in the survey, please review the data collection protocols HERE.

Survey Results 2018 Total 2019 Total 2020 Total 2021 Total
Golden Eagle  62 145 119 126
Bald Eagle  1,202 1,391 1,403 1,433

Wintering Golden Eagle Survey Results (2010-2014) – Interactive Map

Click and scroll anywhere on the map below. Wintering Golden Eagle Survey routes are shaded. Click on any route area to get view summary survey data (2010-2014).

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The Golden Eagle Project is also tracking golden eagles using GPS satellite transmitters to find out more about migration and possible breeding origin of these birds. An interactive map with tracking data from golden eagles is available online at Golden Eagle Tracking.

The Golden Eagle Project is a partnership of the National Eagle Center and Audubon Minnesota with support from the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources and United States Fish and Wildlife Service and funding through Minnesota’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

To find out more about the Golden Eagle Project or to volunteer with the Annual Survey, contact the Golden Eagle Project at

A few photos from the 12th annual Wintering Golden Eagle Survey. Thanks to all the volunteer observers who participated!
Photos by: Ann Geraghty, Karen KcKline, Steve Fisher, Myles Hurlburt and Carol Knabe