The National Eagle Center offers lesson plans that meet Minnesota educational standards. These lessons were developed using eagle related content to help students engage with the lessons and gain an appreciation for the natural world. Lesson plans are available for a variety of grade levels and can be adapted for different learning levels.

Grades K-3

Eagle Nests
Pre-K – Grade 1
Overview: Students will learn about eagle nests and build a nest themselves.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,

Sensory Awareness: Developing Eagle Eyes
Overview: Students will imagine what it would be like to be an eagle for a day, relying on their sense to find food and survive.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,,

Understanding Food Webs
Grades 3-5
Overview: Students will learn about the food web and how animals and plants are connected.Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,,

Eagle Stories From Around the World
Grades 2-5 (easily adapted for variety of grade levels)
Overview: Students will read several legends or myths about eagles and write about what they have read. 
Meets Minnesota English Language Arts Standards:,,,,,,

Grades 4-8

Eagles in the Night Sky
Grades 3-8
Overview: Students will learn how to identify a few bird-related constellations and the stories behind them. They can also build and use a stargazer, and create their own constellation.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,

Bald Eagles: Graphing Population Data Over Time
Grades 3-5
Overview: Students will learn how to make a graph using data about the population of bald eagles in the United States
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,,,

Water Clean-up
Grades 4-6
Overview: Students will work in small groups to improve a sample body of water.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,

Water: How humans impact this essential resource
Grades 4-8
Overview: Students will explore how individuals can impact water quality and where water is found on Earth.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,,,

Do You Have Eagle Eyes
Grades 5-8
Overview: Students will test their vision in several experiments and compare it to an eagle’s vision.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,

Golden Eagle Migration Mapping
Grades 5-8
Overview: This activity will expose students to real life research and science. Students will use data collected in the Golden Eagle Project to practice mapping skills and complete calculations.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,,,,,

Grades 9-12

Research an Environmental Issue
Grades 9-12
Overview: Students will work in small groups to research an environmental issue. They will also design a survey and ask community members about their thoughts and opinions on the issue.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,, 9.4.1

DDT and the Food Chain
Grades 9-12
Overview: Students will be able to explain the effects of DDT in the aquatic food chain based on the concepts of bioaccumulation.
Meets Minnesota Science Standards:,

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We also offer field trips and offsite programs with our expert naturalist educators and live eagle ambassadors. For more information, please see our Field Trips or Outreach pages, or contact our Programs Coordinator.
Curriculum content and lesson plans were developed with the support of the Margaret A Cargill Foundation.