‘I check on the birds every day’: National Eagle Center welcomes new CEO

WABASHA, MN. — Each day, Meg Gammage-Tucker checks in on the birds and gazes out on the river. 

A week into the job, she doesn’t expect it to get old anytime soon. 

“I love the river,” Gammage-Tucker said. “I love being able to see eagles flying over it and being free, being healthy and being enjoyed. That whole experience is magical to me.”

The new CEO of the National Eagle Center – she replaces Rolf Thompson, the former executive director, who stepped down in October. Gammage-Tucker comes to Wabasha from Louisville, Ky., where she lived and worked primarily as a consultant for nonprofits. 

But her background is more than fundraising and advising clients on how to build a board of directors. Gammage-Tucker is a past president of the Rhino Trust. She and her husband, Aaron Cleveland, have also hand-raised raptors: an eagle owl and a European hawk.