Star Tribune, Emily Allen
March 7, 2018

For Emily Durand, the National Eagle Center, perched on the Mississippi River in Wabasha, Minn., is a local and national treasure.

On Wednesday, Durand, 39, who serves on the center’s board, hopped onto a bus with her 8-year-old daughter to take that message to the State Capitol in St. Paul.

Durand’s family visits the attraction several times a year. Her daughter celebrated her sixth birthday there, and she suspects her 4-year-old son will have his sixth birthday there too. “The kids probably love the Eagle Center more than I do,” she said.

They were joined in the Capitol rotunda by neighbors, schoolchildren, eagle fans and even a live eagle, all in support of the $1.5 billion bonding bill that Gov. Mark Dayton introduced in January that includes $10.19 million to expand the center. The Legislature has until May to vote on the bill.

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