Be sure to make a trip to the National Eagle Center! You won’t regret it! It was amazing to see the majestic eagles up close and learn about them and their habits.
Bigworldexplorer, Eau Claire, WI
Spent the afternoon here with grandkids. They were fascinated by the informational talk and could not stop talking about all the new facts about eagles they had learned.
Bill M, St Paul, MN
I always have a great time at the National Eagle Center- great staff, great raptors, and a great view of wild eagle hotspots.
Jennifer G, Eau Claire, WI
We returned to the center two years after our first visit. We were surprised that many new and informative visits were added. And the class/show of an hour was excellent. We learned a lot more about this amazing bird.
John M, Raleigh, NC
Great views of the river, excellent educational opportunities, and best of all–you can stand within feet of golden and bald eagles without cages or other obstructions. Amazing!
Recent visitor

Helpful links to plan your visit

National Eagle Center Optics

Want to get a better view of that eagle flying by? We have high quality optics for sale in our gift store. All purchases support the non-profit at the National Eagle Center. Visit our NEC Optics partner, Big River Outdoors, online to see the selection of Swarovski, Zeiss, Vanguard and more!
You can also borrow binoculars during your visit, or take them along on one of our Eagle Viewing Field Trips.

Cameras welcome

At the National Eagle Center, you can take as many photos as you like. The classroom and mews offer an amazing opportunity to get great shots.


Parking is available on the street and in public lots in downtown Wabasha. The admissions desk can provide you with a parking pass to extend a two hour spot on downtown streets.

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