Enter the World of Eagles!

Whether biology, ecology, history, or cultures, we’ve got it covered!

The National Eagle Center provides a learning experience unlike any other. Home to live eagle ambassadors and the one-of-a-kind Preston Cook American Eagle Collection. Through two floors of interactive and thought-provoking eagle exhibits, guests enter into the world of eagles. Gain a deeper understanding of these majestic raptors’ incredible abilities, life cycles, and connections to humans throughout history and across cultures. There is much more to eagles than meets the eye and the National Eagle Center provides an experience you won’t soon forget.

Our Featured Eagle Exhibits

Bald Eagle Field Trip

Ambassador Avenue

The eagle ambassadors are the stars of the National Eagle Center and visitors meet them up close every day! Foremost among our eagle exhibits is Ambassador Avenue. Observe Bald Eagles from just a few feet away while an expert educator answers all your questions. It’s a space unlike any other nature center or zoo you have ever visited. Enjoy a powerful experience that you won’t forget. Photography is welcomed and encouraged.

Bald Eagle Field Trip

The American Eagle Gallery

The American Eagle Gallery is the permanent home of the one-of-a-kind Preston Cook American Eagle Collection. Selected in 1782, the Bald Eagle is the living national symbol of the United States. Estimated at over 40,000 pieces in size, this impressive collection examines the role the Bald Eagle has played and continues to play in American history and culture. Explore eagles in government, art, the military, pop culture, and much more with this incredible exhibition.

Journey Behind The Scenes

Masters of the Sky

What makes a raptor a raptor? Which species of raptors are found along the Upper Mississippi River Valley? Are there differences between Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles? One of our original eagle exhibits, get answers to these and many other questions when you visit Masters of the Sky. Explore our raptor guide. Test your vision and grip strength against that of an eagle. See examples of several different species of raptors in flight. Marvel at the wonders of the sky during migration with a stunningly-detailed 360-degree mural on the walls above your head. After your visit, you’ll come away with a better understanding of what you’re seeing out in nature and possibly your own backyard!

Swan And Waterfowl Field Trip

Mississippi River Diorama

The mighty Mississippi River flows right outside the backdoor of the National Eagle Center. Inside, we have a richly-detailed diorama that showcases the various landscapes, plants, and wildlife that call the Upper Mississippi River Valley home. Visitor can take their time to examine all the details in this exhibit in order to gain a better understanding of what they see and what to watch for when they spend time out in nature and on the river. 

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Eagles of the World

Did you know that there are over 60 different species of eagles found around the world? North America is home to only two of them (Bald and Golden Eagles). Our brand new Eagles of the World exhibit is your guide to all those different species. Discover where to find each of them on planet Earth. Each species has a brief write-up, photo, listing of their conservation status, and a button that lights up on the world map to show you where they are found. Plus, learn about the four different families of eagles in the colorful and informative display!

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Cultural Connections Gallery

Eagles aren’t just important in American culture, but also to Indigenous Peoples. The Cultural Connections Gallery explores the history of the first people to call Wabasha home – the Dakota (Prairie Island Indian Community) and the central role that eagles play in their culture and religious beliefs. Explore the story of their history, their unique understanding and interpretation of eagles, read the Center’s land acknowledgment, and learn about their creation story through the art of a beautiful buffalo hide work. People and cultures all around the world share a connection to eagles. We invite you to start your journey of understanding at the National Eagle Center.

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Fishing Pond

Welcome to one of Wabasha’s most popular fishing holes! The National Eagle Center Fishing Pond is a fun interactive for kids and families to angle for the various species of fish that live in it. They include Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Sunny, Bowfin, Sauger, and MORE! This exhibit teaches about catch & release fishing, fishing with lead-free tackle, and educates about the different species of fish found in the Upper Mississippi River. 

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Conservation Hall

The Bald Eagle was once an Endangered Species, but thankfully we took action to keep them from disappearing forever. Unfortunately, many other species around the world are still endangered, and even Bald Eagles still face threats. A walk-through Conservation Hall will answer the questions of what is meant by the term “endangered species”, what are some currently endangered species, what threats eagles still face, and, most importantly, what actions you can take to help. Learn about citizen science like the Golden Eagle Project, and step up to accept our Conservation Challenge and claim your conservationist bracelet!

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Soar Like An Eagle

Have you ever dreamed that you could fly like an eagle? Now you can, virtually, with our new Soar Like An Eagle simulator! This interactive motion-capture simulation makes you the Bald Eagle on the hunt for fish. But watch out – there are many dangers that you need to avoid, including lead and overhead power lines. This fun and challenging game teaches players about the threats to Bald Eagles out in the environment from the eagle’s perspective. Be sure to try it out during your visit!