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Winter is the best time to visit the National Eagle Center and Wabasha, Minnesota offers a unique opportunity to see both of North America’s eagle species in the wild. You can learn more about eagles in the Upper Mississippi River Valley and get great views of Bald and Golden Eagles in the wild on a guided eagle tour into prime eagle habitat with our expert naturalists. You can view these majestic birds in the wild while learning about their habitat, behavior, and tips for identifying them on your own. Plus, you never know what other wildlife we may see along the way! Minimal walking is required and photography is highly encouraged.

Field Trip Prices and Details

Members: $40
Non-Member: $50

Field trips are a traveling classroom experience and take place on a coach bus. They begin at 1:00pm at a pre-determined meeting location in Wabasha and conclude between 4:30 – 5:00pm. Attendees will be sent meeting instructions via email prior to the day. Participants should dress for the weather and bring their own binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras if desired. Little walking is required. There are no age restrictions, but we do not recommend these experiences for young children who may not handle sitting on a bus for long periods very well. However, we leave this up to parental discretion.

Cancellation Policy

Registrants who are unable to attend a field trip can receive a full refund. Cancellations must be made by 5pm Wednesday (3 days) prior to the scheduled field trip to be eligible for a full refund.

The National Eagle Center reserves the right to cancel a field trip for any reason. In cases where a field trip is canceled, all registrants will receive a full refund.


Bald Eagle Field Trips

What are Bald Eagle field trips?

The Upper Mississippi River Valley is home to hundreds of Bald Eagles. In the summer months, Bald Eagles nest along the river valley and feed their young from the plentiful fish of the Mississippi River. In the winter months, hundreds more Bald Eagles migrate to this area to find open water on the Mississippi River near Wabasha, MN. You can learn more about eagles in the Upper Mississippi River Valley and get great views of Bald Eagles and nests along the river on a guided field trip with our expert naturalists.

Bald Eagle Trip Schedule

April 16th

Bald Eagles



Golden Eagle Field Trips

What are Golden Eagle field trips?

Golden Eagles are beautiful and majestic raptors, but they are also much more secretive and elusive than Bald Eagles. Thanks to the ongoing work of the Golden Eagle Project, we are learning more and more about the population from the arctic tundra of northern Canada that overwinters in this region and their behavior. These guided experiences are a truly great way to learn how to identify Golden Eagles and distinguish them from juvenile Bald Eagles, and receive pointers on how better spot them and where to look for them on your own.

Golden Eagle Trip Schedule

Golden Eagle Field Trips Have Concluded For The Season


Swan & Waterfowl Field Trips

What are Swan & Waterfowl field trips?

The area in and around the Upper Mississippi River isn’t just home to Bald and Golden Eagles. Every Fall, thousands of Tundra Swans migrate through the region en route to their winter grounds on the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic coast. Additionally, many species of waterfowl move through the Upper Mississippi River Flyway and overwinter on the river. Our expert naturalists guide you to swan and waterfowl viewing hotspots and teach you about their migration, diet, and tips for identifying them on your own!

Swan Trip Schedule

Tundra Swan Field Trips Have Concluded For The Season

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