Learn About Eagles and the
Natural World Like Never Before!

At the National Eagle Center, we connect people to eagles in nature, history, and cultures. Whether you are planning your first visit to meet the eagle ambassadors or are a longtime member, we have a set of brand new eagle experiences that will offer something new and take your learning
to the next level!

In addition to general admission, for the first time, we are offering opportunities for our guests to go behind the scenes for a more in-depth look at how our avian care staff provide on-going care for the eagles and discover the National Eagle Center through an expert-guided tour. These premium small group experiences maximize the added value of personal attention and one-on-one engagement to the learning process to facilitate an unforgettable up-close look at the eagles and our natural resources.

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Hawk Ridge Raptor Trip
Habitat Tour
Field Trips

“WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE! With pretty high expectations before stepping into the entrance, I was pleasantly surprised that the experience was way above our expectations! Yes, they deserve it, as the best volunteer-based museum/education center I have ever visited — you can definitely feel their enthusiasm, love, and devotion.

James D, Winnipeg, Canada

“DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Came to Wabasha specifically for the Eagle Center. The knowledgeable staff was great…we learned a lot. Great to see these majestic birds so close.

Jennifer P, Minnesota

DON’T MISS THIS PLACE! This is truly a gem of a place for all ages and all groups. The presentation is excellent and it really provides and fun and interesting learning experience for everyone. They have live eagles on site that are part of the learning program. You will truly enjoy coming here and go away with a new appreciation for spotting eagles I the wild!

Peanuts, New York

“A MUST SEE IF YOU ARE IN SOUTHEAST MINNESOTA! The staff here is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable! The location is right off of the Mississippi River, so the view is extraordinary. I highly recommend the National Eagle Center. A+”

Justrun14, Texas

“THE STAFF IS UNBELIEVABLY FRIENDLY AND KNOWLEDGEABLE! Members are definitely treated like family!”

Kevin A, Minnesota

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us by calling 651-565-4989 or emailing info@nationaleaglecenter.org.

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