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The National Eagle Center is a unique place that brings you closer to eagles than you have ever been before and allows you to explore their connections to humans in nature, history, and cultures. From meeting our resident Eagle Ambassadors up close and attending daily programs to eagle-viewing river cruises, field trips and Behind the Scenes tours, our team of experts helps you enjoy a personalized eagle experience that you will never forget!

Your eagle experience doesn’t have to end when you return home. By becoming a member, adopting an eagle ambassador, becoming a conservationist, or signing up for our eNews, you can continue the experience year-round no matter where you call home!



The city of Wabasha is currently replacing water mains along the main entrance into downtown Wabasha, Pembroke Avenue. Please be advised that to reach the Center, you will have to detour along either Alleghany Avenue or Bailey Avenue. Parking along Main Street is available but the Pembroke-Main intersection by the Center is closed for construction.

Here Is What Our Guests Are Saying

Hear why visitors from around the world call us the premier destination for wildlife and eagle enthusiasts.

“What an amazing place! With pretty high expectations, I was pleasantly surprised that the experience was way above our expectations! The best volunteer-based museum/education center I have ever visited — you can definitely feel their enthusiasm, love, and devotion.”

James D.

Winnipeg, Canada

“Another great visit to the Eagle Center. Brought a friend who had never been there and we went to the 45-minute program and got to meet Ambassador Angel. Plan to spend at least 1-2 hours if you want to see it all. In the Summer months, you can take an eagle cruise down the river which I did last year and it was fabulous!”

Nancy B.

Google Review

“Always a fun and interesting place to visit.”

Harry M.

Google Review

“Have been here quite a few times. So much history to enjoy and appreciate.”

Ken H.

Google Review

“Amazing place, lots of things to look at if you have time. Recommend the live eagle shows!”

Amy H.

Google Review

“This is our third time visiting. We brought our son and his wife, for the first time. Well done!”

Mike L.

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Awards and Accolades

We are proud to be recognized for the work we do to ensure future generations can experience the awe and wonder of Bald and Golden Eagles

2019 Certificate of Excellence
Great Nonprofits Top-Rated
USA Today Reader's Choice
Best of the River
Best of the River

Stay Involved with the National Eagle Center

The following are opportunities for you to get involved and experience eagles on a deeper level.

Live Eagle Program

Adopt An Eagle

You can support the expert care the Eagle Ambassadors receive every day and stay connected with all the happenings in their lives when you Adopt for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Learn from Home

Learn from home

Can’t make it to Minnesota? You can learn just as much about our Bald Eagles from home. Join our education team for Adventures in Eagle Territory on social media and learn something new each week.

Join our mission

Join our mission

Care to make a difference? Support the care and advocacy of our majestic eagles by donating or becoming a National Eagle Center member.

Our Avian Care Team

Meet the folks who will teach you what makes Bald Eagles such an extraordinary bird.

Scott Mehus

Scott Mehus
Director of Education

Tiffany Ploehn

Tiffany Ploehn
Avian Care Manager

Jarod Lueck

Jarod Lueck
Avian Care Asst. Manager
Naturalist Educator

Conor Masak

Conor Masak
Avian Education Specialist

Jarod Lueck

Grant Fogt
Avian Education Specialist

Avian Care Team

Want to contribute to the conservation of a national treasure?

Donate to the National Eagle Center today so that people can continue to admire these birds for many more tomorrows.

Angel Eagle
You can meet Angel today and other eagles like her.

Meet Angel, Our Senior Ambassador Eagle

In 1999, Angel was found as a fledgling on the ground near an eagle’s nest. She had a broken bone in her left wing and was surviving on fish scraps that had fallen from nearby heron nests.

Her broken wing healed, but unfortunately she was not able to sustain flight and could not be released to the wild.

In 2000, a visiting 4th-grade student exclaimed, “She is an angel!” The name stuck. You can meet Angel today and others like her.

EagleWatch Cam

Watch our live Bald Eagle cam

Observe eagle activity from the bank of the Mississippi river 24/7. Watch as Bald Eagles build their nests, perch for the winter and catch a nutritious meal.

Want to contribute to the conservation of a national treasure?

Donate to the National Eagle Center today so that people can continue to admire these birds for many more tomorrows.


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