Volunteers make the National Eagle Center experience possible. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet visitors of all ages, share your passion for eagles and the natural world and support our mission of environmental education and stewardship. We offer training in naturalist interpretation and presentation skills, as well as basic eagle care. You’ll learn a lot, and have a great time as part of the National Eagle Center team!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please download and fill out our Volunteer Application or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].

Volunteer Application

A few reasons to volunteer

A love of eagles, the eagle ambassadors, and the environment. 
JoAnn, NEC Volunteer
I love learning something new every day!
Jim, NEC Volunteer
I enjoy hanging out with the birds and trying to answer the visitors’ questions keeps my brain active.
Emily, NEC Volunteer
Meeting and talking to people from around the world.
Jerry, NEC Volunteer
As a [retired] teacher, I see the value in having the eagles do the teaching.
Mike, NEC Volunteer
As a veteran myself, I particularly enjoy talking with [veterans and active duty military] and sharing how eagles, like themselves, have made a difference for our country.
Al, NEC Volunteer

Meet Our Volunteers

JoAnn Abbott
JoAnn AbbottSince 2013
Red Wing, MN
Al Cooper
Al CooperSince 2001
Farmington, MN
Bill Dunn
Bill DunnSince 2012
Reads Landing, MN
Tessa Galarnyk
Tessa GalarnykSince 2013
Howard GorderSince 2010
Minnieska, MN
Amy Hamann
Amy HamannSince 2013
Minneapolis, MN
CJ Jacobson
CJ JacobsonSince 2012
Wabasha, MN
Vicky JaskierskiSince 2009
Wabasha, MN
Emily Johnson
Emily JohnsonSince 2009
Eau Claire, WI
McKenzie Kline
McKenzie KlineSince 2012
Winona, MN
Carol Knabe
Carol KnabeSince 2000
Alma, WI
Jerry Knabe
Jerry Knabe

Ron Laack
Ron LaackSince 1998
Plainview, MN
Guy MarshallSince 2012
Wabasha, MN
Mike Perry
Mike PerrySince 2000
Nelson, WI
Jeanne PietigSince 2011
Reads Landing, MN
Cindy Schlosser
Cindy SchlosserSince 2005
Eau Claire, WI
Karlin Symons
Karlin SymonsSince 2009
Peterson, MN

Service Projects

Our Eagle Care and Education Department has several projects that would be ideally suited for a project based volunteer commitment such as an Eagle Scout or Master Naturalist service project. Some preliminary ideas and needs are:


Eagle Scout Sean McClanahan built several perches for our eagles. 2014

  • Bat Houses and Interpretive signage
  • Chimney Swift Boxes and Interpretive Signage
  • Rabbit Hutch Project
  • Eagle Perches
  • Butterfly and Bird Garden

For more information on these or other project ideas, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].

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