Meet Latsch:
Bald Eagle Ambassador

Latsch was found in the summer of 2016 on the ground near an eagle’s nest along the Mississippi River near Winona, MN. He was rescued and taken to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center where veterinarians discovered that he was blind in his left eye.

This made him unable to survive in the wild.

Latsch honors the legacy of John A. Latsch, an early 20th-century Winona, MN businessman, and environmental conservationist. The conservationist gifted more than 18,000 acres of land around the Mississippi River to the public for future generations to enjoy.

Today, at the age of 8, Latsch is thriving at the Center and allows visitors the opportunity to observe a Bald Eagle up close, an experience they’ll likely never forget.

  • Male
  • Hatched in 2016
  • Rescued in Winona, MN
  • National Eagle Center Ambassador since 2018

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