Meet Perseus: Our Bald Eagle Ambassador

Perseus is our newest and youngest Bald Eagle Ambassador and is currently our only immature resident.

In the summer of 2021, he was rescued by an agent of the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) in Audrain County, MO. It was obvious that this young Bald Eagle had suffered a severe wing injury and was unable to fly. He was brought to the Raptor Rehabilitation Project of the University of Missouri where it was found that his right humerus had been broken. However, the humerus had twisted and realigned itself, healing in a way that allowed him to move about on the ground and even glide but could not fly.

It is unclear what caused the initial injury; he may have fallen out of his nest, had a bad first flight, collided into something, or been hit by a car. We will never know. We have decided to classify his injury as just a “traumatic injury” since the bone was healed before he was rescued, and no one witnessed his accident.

Today, he is in great health and constantly learning new things with his trainers. We are excited to unveil him to the public and look forward to educating and inspiring the world with him for decades to come.

  • Male
  • Hatched in 2021
  • Rescued in Audrain County, MO
  • National Eagle Center ambassador since 2024

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