Meet Sky: Our Bald Eagle Mascot

Sky is an honorary member of our Bald Eagle ambassadors.

Sky hatched in a nest located in a tall cottonwood tree near the confluence of the Chippewa and Mississippi Rivers. Sky grew up quickly and shortly after hatching, learned to fly (fledged), and left the nest.

As a juvenile bald eagle, Sky spent lots of time around the Upper Mississippi River watershed, flying from fishing hotspot to hotspot. During that time, Sky noticed lots of activity in Wabasha.

Sky soon became friends with the eagle ambassadors and visited them during their mornings outside in the weathering yard. Learning about the education work they did and all of the wonderful people they met, Sky decided to become an eagle ambassador.

Today, Sky spends time at the National Eagle Center greeting visitors and helping with outreach events around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Sky’s favorite activities are making people smile and taking photos with eagle lovers.

From educational programs to birthday parties and parades, Sky is a popular and endearing ambassador for National Eagle Center visitors and fans.

  • Male
  • Hatched in 2013
  • Hatched near Wabasha, MN
  • National Eagle Center ambassador since 2018

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