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The Watershed Gallery showcases the beauty and diversity of life in the Mississippi River watershed as seen through the artist’s lens. Through photographic images, paintings, watercolors or other creative media, artists capture a unique perspective on the natural world, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all life in the watershed.

The National Eagle Center hosts opening reception events that offer members of the community a chance to meet the featured artist and provide the first public viewing of the exhibit in the Watershed Gallery. The receptions are held on a weekday evening during the months of January, May and September.

Currently On Exhibit

The Art of Conservation: A Focus on Stamps
May 2018 – August 2018
Opening Reception: May 10th, 5 – 6:30pm

In 1934 the Federal Duck Stamp program was created to raise funds for natural habitat management to guarantee the future of duck hunting. Because of the program’s success throughout the years, numerous states decided to produce individual state stamps for fish, pheasant and other small game animals in addition to the federal stamps.

On display at National Eagle Center, May through August 2018, four Minnesota artists Tim Turenne, Scot Storm, Michael Sieve and Jim Hautman will showcase a variety of their wildlife art including a handful of original stamp paintings. These artists have over 75 winning stamp designs between them.

Wild Wings of Lake City, Minnesota, is one of the nation’s leading publishers of wildlife art. They are very active in the publishing of many of the stamps print programs and are the co-curators with the National Eagle Center for this Watershed Gallery showing.

About the Artist: Jim Hautman

Since his career began in 1982, Jim has established himself as one of the most dynamic talents in the wildlife art industry, particularly the stamp business. Jim, with his brothers, Joe and Bob, have won the Federal Duck Stamp competition 13 times in the last 29 years. In addition, Jim has over 30 duck stamp program wins to his name. He credits both of his parents for his talent, his mother, a commercial artist and his father, an outdoorsman with a passion for hunting and fishing. Jim lives in a suburb of Minneapolis with his wife.

About the Artist: Michael Sieve

Michael Sieve graduated with a degree in art and pursued that field for most of his life. He started entering the Minnesota Pheasant stamp contest at its inception in 1982. However, his wildlife painting career did not always allow him to focus on creating stamp designs. Now, since Mike considers himself ‘semi-retired’, he is focusing on the stamp industry. He is a lifelong land and animal conservationist and has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to these efforts. Mike lives in southeastern Minnesota with his wife.

About the Artist: Scot Storm

Scot Storm discovered his talent for sketching, drawing and design in his youth. These skills eventually led him to North Dakota State University where he earned a degree in architecture. His is passion for hunting and the outdoors drew him to explore the challenges of wildlife art. In 1987, he entered the Minnesota Duck Stamp contest and placed second. He continued to enter the competitions and his won his first stamp contest in 1991 with the Indiana Pheasant Stamp. By 1999, he decided to devote himself full time to painting. Scot lives in central Minnesota with his wife and two children.

About the Artist: Tim Turenne

Tim Turenne loves to fish, hike, canoe, bird watch, take wildlife photos and paint wildlife. Tim worked as a freelance illustrator for about 20 years, focusing primarily on cereal boxes for the General Mills Company. He moved to painting full time in the late 1990’s and entered his first conservation stamp contest in 2006. He has won 17 State Conservation Stamp Contests and is striving to win the Federal Duck Stamp competition.  Tim was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and currently resides in Richfield, MN.

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