Wild Eagle Viewing

Wabasha, Minnesota offers a unique opportunity to see both of North America’s eagle species in the wild. Both bald and golden eagles can be seen in their natural habitats in the Upper Mississippi River Valley and driftless region.

The National Eagle Center offers Eagle Viewing Field Trips. You can learn more about eagles in the Upper Mississippi River Valley and get great views of bald and golden eagles in the wild on a guided tour with our expert naturalists.

Field trips begin with a  brief classroom program, followed by a tour via coach bus to prime bald or golden eagle viewing locations. Field trips will return to the National Eagle Center for light refreshments and a chance to share photos and stories from the day.
Cost is $25 for NEC members, $35 for non-members.

2014 – 2015 Eagle Viewing Field Trip schedule – Online registration coming soon!

Fields Trips 1pm – 5pm
November 22 – Bald eagles, swans and waterfowl
December 13 – Golden eagles
January 24 – Golden eagles
February 7 – Golden eagles
February 28 – Bald eagles
April 18 – Bald eagles and nests

Bald Eagles
The Upper Mississippi River Valley is home to hundreds of bald eagles. In the summer months, bald eagles nest along the river valley and feed their young from the plentiful fish of the Mississippi River. In the winter months, hundreds more bald eagles migrate to this area to find open water on the Mississippi River near Wabasha, MN. Winter is the best time of year to view wild eagles around Wabasha.

Golden Eagles
Golden eagles use the blufflands of the Upper Mississippi River Valley as wintering territory. Golden eagles are terrestrial hunters and are rarely seen near the water. The elusive raptors can be found in the bluffs and valleys along the Upper Mississippi River Valley in the winter months. The National Eagle Center is part of an on-going effort to better understand the habitat use and needs of these wintering golden eagles. For more information about golden eagles in the blufflands, see our Golden Eagle Project.

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 The National Eagle Center (NEC) reserves the right to cancel a field trip due to weather conditions or lack of registration. In case of cancellation by the NEC, a full refund will be offered to registrants. Any changes or cancellations will be communicated via email.